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At Bison Mat, we’re in the business of helping other people succeed. Sounds a bit like a generic tagline; something that could fit a summer camp, a bank, a realtor, a government program. For us, it’s not really a tagline so much as it is a source of clarity and inspiration. Helping other people succeed takes on a rather unique bend that looks a bit different every day and with each interaction. Sometimes it means we’re partnering with a local small business to make sure that their office space is set up with what they need to be productive. Sometimes we’re not selling them our products at all, but are just helping them do the good work they’re committed to. Sometimes it means we’re working with people who are building out a home office or a production area or helping a large company outfit their workspaces. Other times, we’re doing something a little more unconventional, like outfitting a gaming area or protecting wood floors from big dogs with giant claws and paws. Regardless of what we’re doing and who we’re doing it for, our commitment is to something much bigger — and much more meaningful — than the chair mats we produce.

The chair mats are simply the thing we do better than anyone else.

Our commitment is to quality - because if you buy something that’s poorly made, it disrupts your day and messes with your budget. Our commitment is to creativity - because the businesses and people we support with our work need someone looking out for them. Our commitment is to productivity - not just for us, but for our customers. Our commitment is to business owners - because we know what it takes to own a business, to run a business, to succeed in a business, and to grow a business. That’s why we’re also committed to service - to giving more than we take from our customers and to supporting them in whatever way we can. Our commitment is to getting things done; to checking off to-do lists and to finishing things we’ve been dreading. It’s to doing hard things so that we can build things worth building. It’s to taking risks and helping others do the same. It’s to learning as we go so that we can do it better next time. It’s to helping the next one in line.

Our commitment is to build the highest quality chair mat on the market.

And our commitment is to help you get one of these mats, so that the place where you sit down (or stand up) to do your work feels like it’s the kind of place where you can do your best work.

Join us.
Buy a mat.
Do good work with us.

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