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The perfect mat for high moisture areas or damp floors

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The Hot Springs series of chair mats utilizes our patent-pending Airflow Technology. Just like the hot springs found in the West, our Hot Springs series release moisture from below thanks to our remarkable venting system.

The perfect mat for carpeted high moisture areas

We start with the thickest mat available on the market today and vent it with 3/8” holes throughout the entire surface to provide a breathable chair mat.

The Hot Springs series is a perfect chair mat solution for basement offices to prevent trapped moisture and the mold and mildew problems that come with it.

We do recommend that you allow the area where the mat will be to dry completely before installing the mat.

The thickness of our Hot Springs mats provides stability for easy rolling while protecting the carpet from unnecessary wear as well as maintaining its main function of breathability.

The holes in the mat which allow breathability are sized and spaced so they will not interfere with the rolling motion of the chair casters.

Whether you order a standard size or a custom cut, every Hot Springs mat is cut and drilled by hand, made to order by American workers. We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship that goes into each mat we ship.

The healthy option

The Hot Springs series boasts a phthalate- and cadmium-free formula for exceptional clarity and performance, and like all of our mats, it is proudly made in the USA. This mat achieves the GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low chemical emissions to keep your office air healthy.


Thickness: 19/64” (over 1/4” thick)

Material: Vinyl (BPA free)

Ideal use: Areas with moisture or high humidity

Weight: Up to 300 pounds.

Sizes: Available in sizes up 60” x 96”. Customized dimensions available!

Edges: Beveled edges make it easy to roll off the mat and back on again.

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