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Why You Should Spend More Money on a Chair Mat: 

The Black Hills Series Mat from Bison Mat

Most advertising…most good advertising…is telling you how to save money.

Buy Now! Buy One, Get One! One Day Only! Fire Sale! Spend Less, Get More! We’re Liquidating Our Entire Inventory! Factory Pricing! Earth Day Specials!

At Bison Mat, we’re trying out some new messaging:

 Spend More When You Shop with Bison Mat!

Maybe that’s the wrong type of message to get people really engaged. But it’s the truth. Our mats are more expensive than the mats you’ll find at the big box retailers. If it’s cost that’s driving you, you’ll look right past the Bison Mat option. And then, in a year or two, when you’re shopping again for a mat, you’ll see us again. But maybe then you'll be less inclined to go with the cheapest option.

At Bison Mat, we know you could spend less on a chair mat. But we also know that you get what you pay for. You’ll spend more with us and you’ll get more with us. You’ll get a chair mat that lasts. A mat that doesn’t bow, bend, crack, or split. You’ll get a mat that makes your workspace a better, easier, more comfortable place to work.

The money you spend on a Bison Mat is an investment in your workspace.

The Black Hills Mat -
For Commercial Carpet Surfaces

The Black Hills Series chair mat from Bison Mat is specifically designed for the conditions of corporate office spaces, where industrial carpet has little-to-no padding underneath. Whether you’re looking for a mat for a single workspace or for a solution for an entire office of cubicles, the Black Hills Series chair mat from Bison Mat has what you’re looking for.

The Black Hills mat, at nearly a quarter-inch thick, provides the support and protection that your flooring, your chair, and your workspace are missing. It steadily supports up to 300 pounds of weight (for more than 300 pounds, check out our Grand Teton series). It’s beveled edges protect your chair and keep your castors from getting hung up on abrupt edges. It’s sturdy and reliable, giving you the chance to stop thinking about what’s beneath you so you can focus on what’s in front of you. It provides steady, consistent protection of your flooring and your furniture.

The Black Hills Series Chair Mat from Bison Mat-

Making your office space a better place to work.
It’s protection for your workspace, for your floor, for your chair, and for you.

Contact us to talk about your office space and what the best chair mat option is for you. 

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