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Advance Chairmats was formed in the early 90’s recognizing the need to offer our clients a long lasting, high quality, heavy duty Chair Mats. We have set ourselves apart from the big box stores by only selling heavy duty chair mats that will last and lesson the end users frustration in dealing with thin chair mats usually found in the big box stores. We feel only selling the products we believe in, will ensure you get more than what you expected in a chair mat!  

After 23 years of business, we have decided to change our name to emphasize what we have stand for, Tough. Bison Mat Company encompasses the reason many seek to purchase from us. We offer not only a wide range of standard size chair mats that are hand crafted in our shop in Minnesota, but we also custom cut mats to fit any office space. We recognize the need that each of our customers office use is different and so is the chair mat they need. When a standard size does not fit, we have a custom option for your solution.  

Bison Mat Company currently has 4 different series of chair mats. Each series has been designed for specific space needs. The Plains Series for hardwood floors, the Black Hills Series for commercial carpet spaces, the Grand Teton Series for high pile carpet and the Hot Spring Series for offices with high moisture issues. No matter what the space, we have your solution.

As many of our clients have come accustom to our customer service and high quality product with Advance Chairmats, Bison Mat Company will deliver nothing less than what you’ve grown to appreciate!

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