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Read Any Blog About Floor Mats and You’ll Discover Something:

There aren’t a lot of blogs about floor mats. There’s a few reasons for that. One of those reasons is that there aren’t a lot of people who are experts in it like we are.

Many of our customers have tried out a floor mat from a big box retailer. They’ve bought a cheap one. They’ve bought a standard one. They’ve probably even tried more than one because the first one cracked. They’ve tried floor mats without beveled edges and the wheels of their chair kept getting hung up. They’ve tried floor mats on wood floors that were meant for carpeting. And almost all of them have tried floor mats that weren’t designed for their space. Many of our customers have come to us after already buying from one of our competitors.

Here’s the thing about our competitors: They do what they can with what they have.

Here’s what they have: They have the need to sell a lot of different products to a lot of different people at the lowest possible cost.

Here’s the thing about Bison Mat: We also do what we can with what we have.

Here’s what we have: The best product on the market with the durability you need and with service and expertise you can trust.

Whether you’re in a home office or a cubicle, whether you’re on wood floor or thick carpeting, in a tight space or a wide open one, the right floor mat gives you the convenience of not having to think about a floor mat.

That’s Why a Custom-Size Floor Mat Matters So Much

We’ve known people who have taken all sorts of steps to compensate for the wrong size floor mat. They’ve rearranged offices. They’ve bought different chairs. They’ve replaced flooring. They’ve even changed the direction an office door swings. They do it all because they’re working around a floor mat that doesn’t accommodate their space. 

At Bison Mat, we have the ability to customize a mat. No need to rearrange your workday or your workspace around the mat your chair rests on. No need to worry about a cracking, aging distraction under your feet. No need to think about it again. Just get to work.

At Bison Mat, we like what we do because we contribute to the productivity of people across the country in nearly every industry. We help keep people working without the headaches of a junky chair mat that interrupts their day.

We do it with our chair mats—built from our expertise and for your space.

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