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Change the outcome.  Invest wisely. Save money. Eliminate Frustration.

Life has a funny way of repeating itself. 

Do you remember watching that movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray?  Where he relives the same day over and over.  The only way to stop the cycle is too get the day right?

All too often, I get phone calls about chair mats that are cracking.  I recently had one of the MOST entertaining phone calls about chair mats.  Let’s face it, chair mats are not a hot topic of conversation for most of us!  You see, this lady called me up with the issue of having her chair mats cracking.  EACH ONE. EVERY TIME.  She said, “I am having a ground hog day experience and I want it to stop. These chair mats that I have been buying from the big office store have the same outcome every time.  They CRACK.  And then I’m poking my toes because it’s cracked, and I’m getting stuck in the dang thing because it has cracked.  People think I’m nuts about spending a bit more on a mat.  But I am SICK AND TIRED of having them crack out in a matter of months.  I would have saved money had I just gotten one that will last. I know how it ends every time.  It cracks. I need to stop the cycle and order a mat that will last me a long time! I do not want another craptastic chair mat, I have had plenty of those.” Needless to say, when we were done laughing, I was able to change her outcome by fitting her with a Grand Teton Series Chair Mat that is perfect for her home office.

When you invest your money into something, you want great things from it.  Most of all you want it to last and to really feel good about what you have invested in.  Bison Mat Co provides you a chair mat that will save you money, last you years of wear, and will eliminate the frustration of replacing a chair mat.

We want to help you save money.  You work too hard to earn it to let it go to waste. We work hard for you by providing ONLY the toughest chair mats available in the market today.

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