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Often times it’s easier to convince someone they need a floor mat when they have high pile carpeting or a rough work surface. A chair mat for that space makes moving around easier and it protects flooring. For hard surfaces like tile, laminate, or hardwood floors, it’s a different conversation. People move around easily and are less likely to think about their need for a floor mat.


But hard surfaces are just as prone to wear and tear. In fact, often their damage is more costly than softer surfaces. A chair consistently rolling across the same spot of a hardwood floor, for instance, causes warping, discoloration, and even cracking. 

We’d like to introduce you to the Plains mat from Bison Mat. It is the single best solution on the market for hard surfaces. Just like the plains of the American West, our Plains series mats provide a durable, level surface that stands up to consistent wear.  

At Bison Mat, the Plains series mats, just like our other products, are good for you and good for the earth.

Good for You

Our Plains Series mats are good for you. They save you money. Save you headaches. Save you messes. Keep you sane. Keep you working. 

But it also means “good for you” in the celebratory high-five sort of way. “Hey, you made the right purchase. Good for you.” If we lived in a culture where people still did that “Hip Hip Hooray” cheer for someone as a way to celebrate them, we would do that for every one of our customers when they make a purchase. We’d actually hire somebody who would be our “Three Cheers Specialist” or something like that. With each cheer we’d be saying, “You made a dynamite decision.” But as it is, it’d be awkward to do the cheer. So we’ll just say “Good for you. That chair mat will make a difference in your day.” 

Good for the Earth

You can probably see where we’re going here. Our mats are also good for the earth. Because they last, you’re throwing less away. Also, the Plains series are made with BPA-free vinyl and are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meeting the strictest testing criteria anywhere for VOC and chemical emissions. 

Beyond that, in the same way that we let out a cheer to celebrate the way our mats benefit you, we cheer for the earth. Good for you, planet earth. You keep on spinning and somehow keep us all from getting dizzy. Here’s a giant high-five, because Bison Mat Plains Series floor mats are making you a better, safer, healthier place. 

The Plains Series. An Investment in your Workspace

Our Plains Series mats will protect your space from the warping, chipping, cracking, and all other damages that happen with consistent use and traffic. It will complete your office set up by protecting your hard flooring surface and making your workspace work better for you.

If you want to know more about our custom-fit floor mats and how they truly make a difference for you workspace, talk to us. We’ll answer your questions and help you make the right decision.  

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