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Bison Mat cares about quality, convenience, and performance for our customers. We have standard sizes available or we can custom cut your mat to fit your needs. No matter what you choose, our chair mats stand the test of time and wear. And the Most Durable...


Bison’s Grand Teton series mats are our heavy duty chair mats. They’re actually the strongest chair mats on the market, at a quarter-inch thick. They’re designed for high pile carpet surfaces and heavy traffic, and can be custom fit for your unique desk space.

Customized and Dependable

Because the Grand Teton mat is customizable, you don’t have to rearrange your furniture or change the direction your door swings to make it work for your space. If a standard size doesn’t work, let us know. We’ll make something that works for your space.

And because the Grand Teton mat is sturdy, it lasts. Maybe even longer than you’ll stay in your current position (at least according to this report). 

It’s Time for Something Better

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah. But who wants to spend that kind of money on a floor mat?” It’s true that our floor mats will cost you more. But you know what else costs you more? All-beef hot dogs. But they’re also worth it, because none of us wants to think about what’s in the cheap ones. 

The investment you make into your Grand Teton chair mat means that you won’t be replacing it in 2-3 years because the wheels from your office chair cause it to crack. It means that you’ll have something sturdy and long-lasting. 

At Bison Mat, we understand that just about everyone needs a chair mat for their office. We also know that people need something they can depend on. 

If it’s time for a better chair mat for your space, let us know. We’ve got the perfect fit.

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