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Building an Office that Works for You

Whether you have a home office that you’re using or you're driving into the office every day, your workspace should be set up right. It needs to be a place that allows you to be productive. It needs to be free of distractions as much as possible. It needs the right lighting, the right seating, and the right technology. Your performance at work will be reflective of the space you work within. This is why it’s good to “get ready” for work even if you’re working from home. Working in your pajamas doesn’t make for a very proactive approach to work. In the same way, sitting on a couch with Nana’s crocheted afghan over your lap and Let’s Make a Deal playing in the background doesn’t lend itself to a productive workday.


We’ve compiled a list of necessities for your space that will help you make the most productive space possible.

Adjustable Stand-Up Desk

Standing is so in right now. If you haven’t used a stand up desk before, it’s worth considering. Some people say it makes them more productive and helps alleviate back pain. For every study that claims that, there are probably others that disprove it. But from our perspective, the stand-up desk gives you access to a flexible workspace that helps you stay focused. We recommend the adjustable version so that you have a choice to sit if the day gets long.

Blue-Blocking Glasses

Not really an office furniture piece, but still something worth considering for helping you stay focused. Blue blockers are growing in popularity again because of how many kids are schooling in front of a computer screen for 5 hours a day. For your office, having a pair that stays at your desk can make a difference for your workday. For a list of the best glasses to buy, check out some options. Funny enough, the jury is still out on whether these are helpful in relieving the eye strain from too much time staring at a screen. Regardless, making accommodations for your eyes is important in your workspace.

Bison Mat 

Whether you’re standing all day, sitting, or some combination of the two, what’s underneath you makes a huge difference in how you’re going to feel at the end of the day. Making an investment in a floor mat that will protect your floor, protect your chair, and protect you from slips, trips, falls, or strains is important. Many people will spend hundreds and hundreds on desks, chairs, lamps, and other office furniture, but they’ll buy a cheap chair mat that doesn’t protect anything and doesn’t last. We’re here to change that narrative.


At Bison Mat, we care about small businesses. We want to see people succeed at work because we believe that a healthy economy helps everyone. Sometimes this means that we’re helping business owners connect with each other or with new customers. Sometimes it means that we’re outfitting an office building with the strongest chair mat available on the market. Whatever the case, we care about what’s essential to businesses, from the ground up.


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