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Our Passions

At Bison Mat, we are passionate about a few different things.  

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Floor Mats - Why Custom-Design Matters

Read any blog about floor mats and you’ll discover something: There aren’t a lot of blogs about floor mats. There’s a few reasons for that. One of those reasons is that there aren’t a lot of people who are experts in it like we are.

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Bison Mat. It’s What’s Underneath That Matters

What Makes Our Product Last?

Quality, Custom Durability.

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Our New Name

Advance Chairmats was formed in the early 90’s recognizing the need to offer our clients a long lasting, high quality, heavy duty Chair Mats. We have set ourselves apart from the big box stores by only selling heavy duty chair mats that will last and lesson the end users frustration in dealing with thin chair mats usually found in the big box stores. We feel only selling the products we believe in, will ensure you get more than what you expected in a chair mat!  

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Chair Mats a Serious Deal?

I never thought someone could be passionate about a chair mat.  I mean's a mat that you roll around on right?  Well once I became fully submerged in the product, I realized that the product we are selling was helping solve many problems people would call us with!  Not only that, but they would call us again after about 10 years looking to replace the original mat they had purchased from us.  This is when I got really excited!

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