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Our Products, Our Promise, and Lasting Quality

At Bison Mat, we understand that floor mats haven’t seen the advancements in tech that handheld devices and microwave ovens have, but that doesn’t meant that we aren’t impacted by the same trends. 

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You Are Where You Sit

Building out an office space requires that you have an understanding of both design and purpose, realizing that the setting you create serves both the look and feel that you’re going for as well as the functionality you rely upon. 

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The One Unchanging Thing in Your Office Space

Your workspace is both functional and personal. It reflects who you are and does a job. So how do you decide what you should spend money on?

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Starting a Business. Managing a Life.

Mastering a Side Hustle in a 24-hour Day

Bison Mat was, for us, a side hustle for a long time. And even though it's moving ahead, we still put in weird, long hours, and find ourselves managing everything from production and accounting to maintenance and customer service. We thought it was worth sharing some thoughts about what works for us, what hasn’t worked so well, and what we wish we’d known much earlier on.

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Making Business Personal

As Bison Mat, we do our best to make business personal; to make it more about the people than anything else. It's not always easy to do, and we're not apologetic about our desire to make money...lots and lots of money.

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