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Connecting with Small Businesses


Second Hand Rose: Occassional Shop

SECOND HAND ROSE is the original occasional Market! We are open the FIRST THURSDAY through SUNDAY of every month (ONLY 4 DAYS)! After every sale, we start over. The store never looks the same.

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Connections and Collaborations: Lennar Homes

Our Newest Project

Growing, developing, and improving our craft has been a staple to our success here at Bison Mat Co. Each and every day brings a new challenge, or question to be answered. Our most recent endeavor brought us together with the well known business, Lennar Homes. Lennar is a company focused on interior design in new homes across the country, which they oversee, build, and perfect. Our partnership with them included the idea of a gift package of two of our largest, premium charcuterie boards to date. 

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Charcuterie Boards

From the Floor to the Table


How we at the Bison Mat Co. have taken our individual products and brought them into your home…and homes across the nation.

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A Side Hustle or a Job?

Anyone who’s ever started a company, launched a product, or moved out on their own from the safety and cushion of a “real” job knows that there’s a moment. There’s this time where you think, “Could this work? Should I do this…like…for real do this?” And for every single one of those people and with every single one of those companies and products, it’s a risk. 

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3 Must-Have Habits If You’re Starting a Business

As business owners, we feel like we’re learning new things every day. We’re committed to seeing our business succeed and so that has meant we’ve had to create some must-have habits in our lives. 

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